Nikhil Bose

I love Product, People & Data

A bit about me

Hi! I’m Nikhil, a 4th-year Computer Science & Cognitive Science: HCI student at UC San Diego.

Some of my interests include Human-Centered Design, Machine Learning and .

Last summer, I was a PM Intern at working on a series of growth experiments for Microsoft Teams.

I'm an amateur wordsmith and futurist and . I've written about Product, Tech Strategy and Design.

In my free-time, I enjoy traveling, reading and sports (Go Man City, Cowboys, SA Spurs).

Feel free to drop me a line, or connect with me on LinkedIn.

Some of the organizations I contribute to:

Contrary Capital

I serve as a Venture Partner for Contrary a $35M University-focused venture captial fund.

As a VP, I help source deals for the firm and serve as an evangelist for on-campus entrepreneurship at UCSD.

UC San Diego

I will be an Instructional Assistant for COGS 100 - Cyborg Theory, for the Spring 2019

Some of my projects:

The Hypergrowth Podcast

We want to build a toolkit of mental models from some of the most influential thought leaders in the world.

Guests have included Don Norman, DJ Patil,
KPCPB's Andy Chen and Philz Coffee CEO Jacob Jaber.

Rating Predictions using the Yelp Dataset

Using Matrix Factorization, Sentiment Analysis, LDA models and other Data Mining techniques to build a recommender system to predict review ratings on the Yelp Dataset.

NLP Analysis of Twitter Data

Quantification of public opinion, salient figures and sentiment in the aftermath of recent mass shootings.
I was responsible for the sentiment, colocation and salient figures/phrases analysis.

Tal, the right candidate finder
Tal is a machine learning powered tool to help recruiters. Using a MLP to help recruiters sort through noise to find the right candidates, based on their previous hiring decisions.
Holistic is a smart planner that helps you break down and achieve your goals by giving you recomendations when you need them.
Tritons Athletics App

Sports Data application covering all of UCSD NCAA Athletics